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Hair Texture

Where is your hair extensions and wigs coming from

Choosing the right Hair Texture

Choosing the right texture for your hair extensions can have a big impact on loving your new look. While the blending process of the hair extension process will usually help your hair extensions blend with your current hair, choosing the right texture can help make the styling process easier and more flawless.

Hair Texture

There are many Names and hair texture used in the hair industry today Virgin, Remy or Non-Remy, Human Hair, Mixed Hair, Temple Hair, Fallen Hair, Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian Hair, Peruvian Hair, Cambodian hair, Mongolian Hair, Burmese hair, Russian hair, Pilipino Hair.


But the truth is, it’s easy to tell where your hair extensions come from, and there are plenty of manufacturers who are deliberately misleading about where they source their hair from. Now, the market is flooded with so many different hair extensions names and company’s naming their hair origins from different countries.




Malaysian Straight Hair Extensions 


Our Malaysian Straight hair is simple, classic, easy to care for and maintain, and easy to style. It also looks great on almost everyone.

If you already have straight hair, you may opt to choose straight hair texture to simplify your daily styling process. This hair will increase your volume and length with minimal effort.

It can look great with your hair in a wash-and-go style or can be styled in the same way you style your natural hair.

For curly- or wavy-haired clients, straight hair extensions are still a great choice. Some customers choose to style their hair straight to match the sleek and shiny look of this the hair extension.

Others use the straight hair extension texture as an easy “blank slate” to curl and style the hair similar to their natural or desired style, or to try new hairdos.



Cambodian Bodywave Extensions


Cambodian Body wave is a loose, natural curl. It’s not completely straight, but not too curly, providing body, volume, and dimension to your hair. The wave tends to flow in a single flow, creating a full-bodied, smooth, wavy look.

if you want to add a little style and intrigue to your regularly straight hair, body wave is a great option. You can replicate the body wave look in the rest of your natural hair if desired. Simply use your hair straightener to create gentle curls or by using hair rollers.

This hair texture is also great as an extension for naturally curly or wavy hair. It will add body and volume, giving your hair a luxurious boost.


Burmese Curly Hair Extensions


Our Burmese curly is tighter than a deep wave with a gorgeous, natural look. The deep curl hair extension texture brings a lot of body, dimension, and texture to your look.

For clients who have naturally curly hair, deep curls can help add volume, length, and thickness to your hair. It can also help augment curly styling for clients with curly hair that is damaged or difficult to style.

Deep curl is a great choice for adding volume, thickness, and length to naturally curly hair. It will help your hair look healthier, fuller, and richer. It also makes your hair easier to style, bringing an (almost) effortless polished beauty to your curly locks.



The hair industry is not regulated

The hair industry is not regulated by a government body so companies can deliberately miss lead you to sell products.




Virgin Hair:

Is 100% human hair and from a single donor, All Malaysia Hair Imports Hair is 100% Virgin and in its natural raw state. If you need a custom color we can arrange this for you at Malaysia Hair Imports.


Remy Hair:

Is the highest grade of hair, and it is 100% human hair. It does not contain any not synthetic fibers “Remy” refers to human hair which we take from the scalp and then we align the cuticle to point in the same direction within the hair bundle.

100% human hair that company’s collect from multiple sources or donors mixes the hair and double draw the cuticles but they flow in opposite directions. This can cause tangling and quality issues if not processed properly.

Malaysia Hair Imports do not sell this type of hair extensions due to quality issues.


Mixed Hair:

Hair that is 100% human but drawn by lengths from many people is not a single donor and the hair will tangle as the cuticle is not in its natural state. Malaysia hair imports do not sell this type of human hair. We only sell 100% Remy Single donor meaning 1 donor hair with all cuticles in their natural state.


Temple Hair:

Has long been recognized as Indian hair, Hundreds of thousands of Hindu women, men, kids, cut off their hair every year to show thanks for blessings, and to receive further blessings.

They then regrow their hair to signify new beginnings.  This is a Hindu practice that has been going on for centuries. This hair is called fallen hair because it sweeps up every day at the temple, put in big bags then sold at locale auctions by the kilos at very cheap prices.

You will find with head lice and lice eggs called nits in this very dirty hair. In order to use this hair, it must undergo acid baths and the must remove the cuticles.


Fallen Hair:


Is hair that people gather from salon floors, temple floors, and dead bodies. This hair is terrible and should never be used.

Synthetic hair or artificial Hair with synthetic polymer acts like human hair since they compose it using plastic fibers. This hair is made from low-grade acrylic that is heated to make individual hair fibers.


Hair Brands and Origins

Brazilian Hair Texture:

Is the most mislabeled hair term in the hair industry today, Brazilian girls do not cut their hair off. Brazilians are not Hindu so there is no reason to cut their hair for the hair industry.

In fact, Brazil is a leading buyer of hair extensions in the world. Instead, Chinese factory’s mislabel it as Brazillian hair in order to sell you Non-Remy hair.

Please do your research on Brazil before your next hair purchase.

In conclusion, the hair origins are false and misleading.

We only make products from 100% Human hair and use strict quality control measures.


Peruvian hair texture:

This is the same as Brazilian hair, Chinese hair factory’s rename the hair to market it as exotic hair but it is still non-Remy Virgin hair.

China collects and buys hair that falls to the ground at Indian temples at the cheapest bulk price, they treat it with acid it, process it, and mislabel it as Peruvian hair.

The name does sound good but please do research on Peru before your next hair purchase.


Mongolian hair:

Chinese hair factory’s selling this hair and brand it as Mongolian. It is Indian or Chinese Non-Remy hair,acid-washed, coated with silicone, and mislabeled as Mongolian hair.

The name does sound good but please do your research before your next hair purchase.


Russian hair:

Russian girls don’t cut their hair for the hair industry, what you get is processed blonde hair that has been treated blonde 613 colors, depending on the company you buy Blonde hair from.

Malaysia hair imports use the highest quality of 100% Remy Hair so we process the hair to a blonde color using coloring techniques. The hair remains in a very healthy state.


Indian hair:

Indian people donate 99% of their hair to their God at the Hindu Temples. The people cut their hair in a temple for religious purposes. They gather this hair in bags and sell it at an Indian auction house to Indian registered company’s.

98% of this hair is sold to Chinese hair company’s, then smuggled across the borders to avoid duty and customs fees. This hair is very bad in its raw state since it comes from the ground at Indian temples and therefore unhealthy.


Chinese hair:

Today China is one of the biggest exporters and importers of human hair. They don’t brand the hair as Chinese because they know it will hurt the sales and brand of their company.




Hair extensions have been our passion for more than 9 years. During this time we’ve become the leading human hair factory of hair extension and wigs experts in Bangkok Thailand.


From the best qauility of 100% Remy Raw Cambodian Hair, Raw Burmese Hair, Malaysian Hair our our company hair is what the heart desires.


Our high-quality hair extensions and wigs are made from only the finest remy human hair.



The Highest Quality Hair Extensions – From Thailand to the World


The headquarters of Malaysia Hair Imports are located in Bangkok, Thailand. It is here that our success story began and it’s from here we continue to grow our network across the world.

Our hair extensions and wigs are shipped from the warehouse in Bangkok

And now, you can order our hair extensions from anywhere in the world. Our production process is regularly monitored by the USA and Thailand control institute to ensure the highest standard product is delivered to you.

For many years now, our high-quality standards have proved themselves to our professional partners in the fashion world and many hairdressing salons around the world.

 Not only in Bangkok but also in USA, Poland, Italy, Austria, France, the Canada and Australia.

Professional hair stylists choose Malaysia Hair Imports Hair Extensions and Wigs because our hair extensions and Wigs are known to stand the test of time.


Hair Extensions with Cambodian Hair Quality Hair – Perfect Hair Everyday!

Cambodian Hair is a common raw material for a high-quality hair extension. However, the processing of this hair is less time-consuming than that of Indian hair.

Since Asian hair is more similar to the European hair structure, the hair does not need to be thinned. The attached hair extensions will look natural even without this step.

Cambodian human hair can be bleached and subsequently dyed in different shades of color.




Hair Extensions with Malaysian  Human

Malaysian Hair is a valuable raw material for a high-quality hair extension. The processing of this hair is less time-consuming than that of Indian and Chinese hair.

Since Asian hair is more similar to the European hair structure meaning the hair does not need to be thinned.


Hair Extensions with Burmese Human Hair

Burmese is similar to Indian hair in its characteristics. This hair also does not have to be thinned out before making the hair extensions.

However, since Americas  and Europeans have the same lineage, Burmese hair is even more similar to European hair than Indian hair is.



Micro link/Micro bead/Micro-ring/Loop Hair Extensions


This type of human hair extensions is applied by looping the single-strand micro-bead extensions through your own hair and clamping down with a pair of pliers and a metal bead to finish. So pretty much, your entire head is covered in these little beads. You need to go to a professional for the application of micro-bead hair extensions.



Sewn-in/Weave Hair Extensions


Sewn-in weave hair extensions are those who have super thick, coarse, or naturally super curly hair. Your own hair is braided tightly into corn rows throughout your entire head, and the extensions are then attached using a needle and a thread.

A pro about these hair extensions is that they work super well for girls who have tons of hair that is thick and a coarse, however, a con is that the tight braids seriously strain your scalp, therefore they are not advisable for those who have thin hair.

 Also consider hygienic reasons – it may be difficult to wash and condition  the scalp because the entire scalp is covered in cornrows. You need to go to a professional for the application of sewn-in hair extensions as well as consistently visit the salon (even six weeks or so) to ensure that the extensions are still sewn in correctly into place and if the braids need to be tightened up again.


Clip-in Hair Extensions


Clip-in hair extensions is the fastest, easiest, and least damaging type of hair extensions which you can apply all by yourself without having to go to a professional. Clip-in hair extensions are a temporary method of hair extensions, which means you can clip them in and out whenever you want.

Clip-in hair extensions are ideal if you are looking to add length and volume to your hair without the commitment or breaking the bank. Clip-in hair extensions are a popular choice among women all over the world for bridal and bridesmaids’ hairstyles as they can greatly enhance any hairstyle.

You need to take off your clip-in hair extensions when you shower, sleep, or swim, however, clipping them in takes only about 5 minutes. Always choose real remy human hair extensions as you will be able to heat style and wash them just like your own hair.

High quality clip-in hair extensions will last you anywhere from 3-6 months up to a year or even longer, depending on how often you wear them and how well you take care of them. Malaysia Hair Imports raw human hair extensions are all high quality 100% real remy human clip-in hair extensions.


Tape in Hair Extensions


Tape in method of hair extensions involves taking each weft and literally taping them onto your own hair. The wefts are connected by wide bonds of tape and your own hair is placed between them and clamped around the strands.

 Pros to this method of hair extensions is if you wear your hair extensions without a break, these can last in your hair for 6-12 weeks. Some cons to tape in hair extensions are that it can be difficult to tie your hair up how you want it since you can’t reposition the wefts after they are applied, and they can also begin tangling with your own hair as it starts growing out. You need to go to a professional for the application of tape in hair extensions.



Glue-in/Keratin Bond/Pre-bonded Hair Extensions


These hair extensions are attached to the hair with keratin bonds that are on top of the extensions, which are fused with a hot tool. This technique requires heat for application, and consistent visits to the salon to maintain them.

They can look great; however, it is best to not using oils, conditioners or any hot styling tools because this can weaken the bonds and make the extensions come out. 




Raw Virgin Hair is human hair that is in its natural state. No chemical changes, no color, has not been processed, and all cuticles are intact. All hair sold by Malaysia Hair Imports is Raw virgin hair.





Your Cambodian, Malaysian, Burmese hair extensions and wigs should be measured to the fall of the hair. Start 0 at the weft or top of wig cap and measure to the ends of the bundle. The Cambodian and Burmese Wavy, Cambodian Body Wave, Burmese Curly, and Kinky Curly hair extensions and wigs must be measured by pulling the hair straight. Again, start 0 at the weft; pull the hair straight from the ends, and the length will be at the tips of the hair.

Each bundle will not measure exact when it is still wrapped in its band, as tension can affect the fall of each strand.




Your new hair from Malaysia Hair Imports 100% Human Raw Virgin hair extensions can be styled like your own hair. You are able to use a thermal (hot) tool to straighten, curl, crimp, etc. Keep in mind the hair does not have all the nutrients that a strand growing from your scalp will.

Heat damage can cause breakage and dryness. Therefore, it is imperative that you use a heat-protecting product, always co-wash your hair, and protect it during sleep hours.




Any chemical processes should be done by a professional or at least consulted by one. This purchase is an investment for you and chemically altering the hair can possibly damage it. Although our Raw Virgin hair extensions can handle a coloring process very well, please be cautious.

Once the hair is chemically-altered incorrectly, the cuticle can become damaged and overexposed, causing fraying, breakage, dryness, and tangling. This in turn will affect the overall look and feel of your hair. Chemical damage has no reverse button, and we will not be held liable for any damages.




Minimally, no hair is absolutely perfect. We have reinforced machine wefting, to minimize shedding to nearly none. You may see a few strands here or there while detangling or styling, but nothing troubling or excessive. The most effective way to avoid shedding is by sealing the wefts.





Our 100% Human Hair Extensions and Wigs can last through multiple installs. However, the lifetime of your extensions depends heavily on how they are cared for. On average our customers can use their extensions from 6 to 8 months if cared for properly. Learn more about Caring for your Raw Virgin Cambodian, Malaysian and Burmese Hair Extensions




Co-washing simply means washing with conditioner. It is a key task in extending the life of your extensions and keeping them healthy. We recommend a co-wash once a week with moisturizing conditioner to ensure your hair gets the nutrients and moisture it needs.

When you first receive your extensions, it is important to co-wash the hair, as it has been through Malaysia Hair Imports is a direct factory manufacturers’  that hands, packaging, etc.

Shampooing the hair can strip the hair entirely too much of its moisture. Always use WARM water, as hot water will overexpose the cuticle of the hair.





All virgin hair reacts differently to product and regimens. Please be mindful to stay away from ingredients that can strip your extensions of moisture such as parabens, sulfate, and silicone. These products usually tend to have a high alcohol content which dehydrates the hair follicle of its nutrients.

Heavy oils are also not necessary to care for your extensions as it can weigh down your hair pattern. By rule of thumb, we recommend co-washing your bundles weekly and shampooing bi-weekly to rid your bundles of any excess product. Deep conditioning can be done as needed.





With no two heads being alike, our customers have a variety of experience with different textures as well as their daily maintenance of their extensions. Over the years we have collected knowledge regarding what works best.

Our customers highly suggest product lines such as Crème of Nature, Carol’s Daughter, Cantu, As I Am, and more. Even though our customers suggest these products, your extensions may not respond in the same manner.





The key to determining how many bundles to purchase depends on the lengths you are wanting. As all bundles are the same weight (3.3oz), the longer bundles have shorter wefts, and the shorter bundles have longer wefts. For a full sew-in, we recommend 3-4 bundles of hair. For lengths over 18”, we recommend ordering 4-5 bundles of hair.

If you desire an install with a lot of volume, you will need 4-5 bundles or 4 bundles with a closure. A closure is a great addition to your install, as you will have no leave-out. This is considered a full protective style, and none of your hair will be exposed.




We have a standard 24-48 hour processing time prior to the shipment of 5-7 business days all orders. This processing timeframe is subject to change due to sales or holidays. Please review our shipping methods to receive an estimated timeframe of received your package.




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