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Custom 100% Human Hair Cranial Prosthesis Wigs

Cranial Prosthesis



Specialize in Cranial Prosthesis / Medical Wigs


Here at Malaysia Hair Imports, we make Custom medical prosthetic wigs for those with a desire for 100% human hair. Our wigs are top-notch an realistic.

For medical patients with hair loss issues, we can help restore your confidence with a wig that blends naturally with your scalp and hairline. Our scalp prosthesis materials are expertly matched to your skin tone and we create them with comfort in mind.

We make all our wigs from 100% Human Remy hair.

What is a cranial prosthesis?


Cranial Prosthesis aka (LACE WIG): is the latest development in hair replacement units. It is a medical term that describes a hair system designed for those suffering from long term or permanent hair loss due to medical conditions such as chemotherapy, alopecia, or Trichotillomania.

In order to claim insurance, the physician must be specific and define if the cranial prostheses are full or partial.

Malaysia Hair Imports make all Cranial prosthetic wigs according to the client’s specific head measurements.

We make the Prosthetic wigs from specialized materials and design them to meet the specific needs of anyone who suffers hair loss.

Design-wise, feel free to style it just like you would do for your own hair. We make our wigs look and feel natural so it becomes impossible to tell that it is a wig.

We make our wigs with 100% Raw Virgin Human Hair and it can be parted anywhere to give you the same look that a natural scalp would give you when observed.


Our: Cranial Prosthesis / Medical Wigs



100% Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are medically safe and will be soft to the touch. The reason is that we only use 100% human hair. You can run your fingers through the wigs just as you would do with your natural hair without the worry of it feeling synthetic or odd in any way.

Feel free to Style the wig as you desire and even have fun by applying highlights. You will not regret choosing Malaysia Hair imports to make your personalized wig for you.


How To Place A Custom Medical Orders


1) Insurance Coverage – We can submit a claim on your behalf

2) Paying out of pocket – No insurance coverage/paying upfront ( Read below )

We offer multiple medical lace wig designs suitable for clients who are affected by hair loss. This can be due to many conditions including:

Wig Details


Suitable for Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Cancer patients.

Natural Hair Pattern Balding.



Other medical disorders that lead to hair loss.


Wig Ordering


Please contact us by phone or email and explain the type of medical system you want us to create for you. Our customer care agents will contact you within 24 hours.

We can provide you with an itemized receipt if you need to claim Cranial Prosthesis as a tax-deductible medical expense.

Once you place your order, please allow a few weeks for us to hand-make your wig to your own head measurements/template. It is imperative for us to do this in order to achieve the best results.

Specialty Wig Units


We can make you a natural-looking wig that is custom designed just for you. Hair loss is our specialty so it doesn’t matter if you suffer from Alopecia or have hair loss due to Chemotherapy, we will create a perfect wig to fit your needs.

There is nothing like wearing a gorgeous wig designed just for you!

We work with all major and private insurance providers and we accept health savings, flexible spending, and health reimbursement accounts.

Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue ShieldChamp VACignaHumana, Tricare, and United Healthcare all offer insurance coverage for a cranial prosthesis.

Call our insurance coordinators at 1-800-567-1174, or email sales@malaysianrey.com 

Once we verify your benefits, we will contact you and explain exactly what is offered and covered by your insurance plan for medical cranial prosthesis,


Medical Insurance


Many insurance companies provide either partial or full refunds for a “full cranial prosthesis” due to alopecia, chemotherapy treatment, psoriasis, trichotillomania, or other non-pre-existing medical conditions.

The cranial prosthesis is custom-made wigs that are specifically designed for patients who have lost their hair due to medical conditions.

Dealing with insurance companies can be rather difficult, so please contact them as soon as possible.

Insurance companies offer different policy’s regarding coverage for cranial prosthesis, and need a prescription from your doctor.

We recommend that you consult your doctor and ask him/her to recommend an insurance company for you to work with regarding a claim.

Once you have decided, we suggest that you inform them that it is for “cranial prosthesis” and try to avoid using the term wig.

Unfortunately, Medicare and Medicaid do not cover the costs of a cranial prosthesis, but Malaysia Hair Imports are willing to work with other insurance companies on your behalf.


Applying for Insurance Reimbursement:

Check your benefits and copy any page that states prosthetic devices or medical treatments are covered for Alopecia, Areata, or any other types of hair loss.

Firstly, write a letter and state that it is a medical necessity for you and obtain a doctor’s letter or prescription stating the reason for hair prosthesis or treatment.

Then ask for a receipt that states ‘hair prosthesis’ and ask that person to sign your insurance form for you.

Once you have completed this, enclose photos of yourself without a wig or any corrective eye-makeup.

Next, enclose a.NAAF brochure describing the different types of hair loss, and provide a detailed personal account of the emotional effects your hair loss has caused you and discuss the costs of frequent hair prosthesis.

Now ask your employer for a letter stating the importance of your personal appearance, your hair, and general well being.

Insurance Denial Of Your Claim:


Make a copy of your contract and pay attention to any exclusions for Prosthetic. If your policy does not mention Prosthetic under exclusions, it may help you to win your claim.

Familiarize yourself with your insurance company’s guidelines and for try to appeal and find out
why you were denied.

This will help you to address the insurance company’s reasons directly so that you are in a position to re-appeal. If necessary, involve your doctor to help you respond to denial and speak with your insurance plan administrator.

Attach a copy of your original claim and all the supporting documents you have that explain the difference between a wig and a prosthesis.

Take some time and explain the functions of body hair and the importance of how it protects the scalp from the sun, protects your eyes from dust, regulates body temperature, filters particles from the nose, and protects the skin.

If you undergo treatment, please explain that this is not a cosmetic treatment and ask for a written reply. Make sure you carefully document all verbal conversations.

Send your appeal to a claims supervisor or manager who is in a position to review your case and contact your state insurance commission if none of the above is successful.

keep all correspondence in hand in case you need it further down the road.


Final Notes


These are merely some of our guidelines to help you get through the process of making a claim. We do understand that it can be frustrating but we have seen several claims get approved.

Most of the common mistakes are due to the error of using the word wig instead of the cranial prosthesis, so make sure you do not make this mistake.

Once again, we are here to help you get through this and will do our utmost to guide you as best as we can.

Take some time to browse the FAQ sections of our website and learn as much as you can so you have the knowledge to make a successful claim.



Cranial Prosthesis

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